You can set your own income level

The Preneed Counselors works on commission basis. The smarter he works, the more business he does and the more income he makes. Most important, income is limited only by agility, willingness to learn, and eagerness to work.

You can take pride in your career

Preneed Counselors stand on their own two feet, in effect run their own business, earning a better than average income through their own efforts and ingenuity.

Financial Security

Preneed Counselors field offers you the career opportunity of a lifetime, the kind of opportunity that can assure you the income necessary to provide your family with the better things in life today.

Job Security

This can be a permanent lifetime connection, anyone at any age can be successful in our field. Age is truly not a factor.

Job Satisfaction

Because you know that your products and services render a genuine benefit to the community in which you live, you know that your work is worthwhile.

Job Freedom

With this organization, you enjoy complete freedom. Your time is your own.

Unlimited Prospect Availability

Nearly every person you meet is a Prospect for our services.

Low Competitive Factor

Competition is good for growth, but some business are seriously overcrowded. You will not find that problem in the Preneed Funeral and Cemetery field.

No Travel

100% of your activity will be local and you will not have to travel.

Opportunity for Advancement

Every individual in this organization las the opportunity for advancement from a Counselor to many Areas of Preneed Management. Consideration would be given to those who management oriented and would contribute to growth and future of the organization.

Contribution to Others

Each and every time you serve a family, you are contributing in a definite manner to that family’s peace of mind.

Training Program

Training consists of classroom and field training with actual demonstration in the home.

Sales Tools

You will be supplied with a sales presentation kit, objection and answers, canvass approaches, information about pricing services, tours to our location.

Incentive and Awards Program

Recognition is given for outstanding sales by any Counselor. These incentives awards are represented by plaques, trophies, and cash awarded for consistent and effective results.

Qualified and Efficient Management

You will be among Counselors and Management that have over 25+ experience in the industry.


Medical, Dental and Vision insurance are provided by the Company for all counselors who qualify. You may also participate in our 401K plan.

Program Comparison with Competitors

You will not have to compete with thousands of insurance agents, realtors, and other sales representatives. Our professional enjoys very limited competitive pressure, employing only selective, quality Counselors who are exposed to large market areas.

Education Requirements

You do not need a formal college education or extensive schooling to be successful in our profession. You need only to have a positive attitude, know your product, communicate well with people, and have good work habits. People from all walks of life and educational background have been successful in our profession.

Community Reputation and Prestige

We have a proven record of sincere and dedicated services families. Our Company offer great benefits to the family and offers you, the Counselor, very professional and experienced guidance.

Please send your Resume to: Sonia.espinosa @ memorialplan.net or call (305) 274-8972.

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